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Information Editor, As the Android versions of Spider Jack and other titles soon

Title :  Editor, As the Android versions of Spider Jack and other titles soon
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User :  Vigami
Date of publication :   2019-10-15
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Frames Editor, As the Android versions of Spider Jack and other titles soon

Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs

Description Editor, As the Android versions of Spider Jack and other titles soon

Chillingo has been absent from the Android Market for a while now, having tried only’s water during a short period in the early days of Android. Well, it seems to be back on the Android market and have brought the first game from time to time, so-called Spider Jack.

Spider Jack is similar to Cut the rope in the’s a physics-based puzzle game where your goal is to be the spider on your meal, in each phase, the avoidance of a lot of obstacles on your way. They also have stars to collect the stars, as their classification. There are also small items to help/hinder on the way, such as portals, you pamper your way. To play It’s a very fun game, especially if you enjoy other physics-based puzzle-related games, Cut the rope.


However, As isn’t stop here and have plans for two more reintroductions, labelled as a “soon” recalled of the day and roll it in the hole, both of which are very popular and elegant games. Against the day is the end of all things is more in the style, and also it is a physics puzzle game, a class with the gameplay mechanics in other games of this genre, such as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and a few others, all wrapped up in a black/grey/white theme.

Against the day she has to play as a small black spot, of the search for the light, especially from the stars and a large blue star in the end of each level. In order to these lights, to collect the’ll need their skills in the physics, the games of your little one's spot. Each stage is different, therefore, while in just one step can lead to more of Angry Birds, the nature of the trip, that could be next as a to Cut the rope.

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Roll in the hole is another physics-based puzzle game where you must find and collect three ice creams in each phase, maximum points per level. You’ll roll his panda all over the stage, trying to collect, this ice cream while you make your way to the exit blue portal that will give you the opportunity, in the next phase. Tilt-control is the basis, so that those of you with the inclination of the basis of the physics of the games can a twist to when you arrive.


Both titles are marked as “soon”, so that you know really don’t, if it is, but pocket gamer confirmed three more titles come out for the cooling of the near future, called Parking Mania, Little Lost chicken, and My vampire friend. With the list of the fastest-growing for the Android versions of Chillingo, we don't have to wait long before the two of them Against the day, and roll into the hole on the market. Spider Jack is available as a free ad-supported titles and the advertising for the paid version for $0.99.

On a side note, all of these new pulse, As in Android, once again, we thought it would happen after EA bought. You atinaste, I think.

Sitio Web De Referencia: PocketGamer

Android Market Gravamen: Spider Jack

Comments Editor, As the Android versions of Spider Jack and other titles soon

8-15 normal with lvl60 golden and P2P heroes? I'm lvl58 so this doesn't really helps me
Comment from : Killschool

Zakir Hussain
Waiting for sourapples
Thanks again
Keep up the good work

Comment from : Zakir Hussain

FN TrixtaYT
Damn it lama make videos longer hahaha
Comment from : FN TrixtaYT

Devian Evans
I finаllуу fоund wоrking tооl. Wоrk реrfeсtlу withоut аnу рrоblеms vk.com/id433182127?w=wall433182127_220
Comment from : Devian Evans

M. Nouman Hussain
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Comment from : M. Nouman Hussain

Brando F2P
Watcher is a pain to get.
Mine is most likely going to stay green and never get to blue.

Comment from : Brando F2P

William Figueroa Jr.
Love your videos. Wish they were longer lol.
Comment from : William Figueroa Jr.

12j Gamer
Hi king it's me josef from QCW I'm 1 mill might so I need some tips and tricks on making might thx
Comment from : 12j Gamer

Mestrechifo Santos
to promote the paid heroes we have to buy their pack again?
Comment from : Mestrechifo Santos

Masked 3itch
help help help
Comment from : Masked 3itch

john Broadhead
Terrible waste of gems. Should always wait for helps
Comment from : john Broadhead

Nhị Tiểu
Comment from : Nhị Tiểu

Comment from : TruDru

ZeShonne Parker
Llama we are in same kingdom 😇
Comment from : ZeShonne Parker

ZeShonne Parker
Comment from : ZeShonne Parker

Ben McSween
Comment from : Ben McSween

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Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs