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Information Hellblade's Permadeath Sistema Parece Ser Un Bluff

Title :  Hellblade's Permadeath Sistema Parece Ser Un Bluff
Lasting :   10,30
User :  Sakus
Date of publication :   2019-09-15
Views :   241
Liked :   419
Downloaded once :   161

Frames Hellblade's Permadeath Sistema Parece Ser Un Bluff

Description Hellblade's Permadeath Sistema Parece Ser Un Bluff

After a long sequence, introduction, light blade, your "tutorial" ends with the following message: "the darkness of the red-and-grow each time it fails. If the rot comes Zenua the head, and his search is complete. And the whole progress will be lost."

This message seems wrong. More on PCGamesN, writer Ben Barrett, the requirement in the test set, by the way, standard 50 times, to see if your progress will be deleted would be. It was not so. You can see the full video here:

Of course, this is not a 100% proof that your backup data can be deleted, or there is a permadeath system, light blade, but this is the proof that the message is a bluff intention to scare you.

For more information about bright blade, make sure that you take a look at our review.

[Fuente: PCGamesN]


Video game fake-outs are nothing new, as anyone who has ever played, Metal Gear Solid, can testify to that. However, if you are really a bluff, I'm not crazy about her. Feels like a clumsy attempt of downloads of a little more than convincing.

Comments Hellblade's Permadeath Sistema Parece Ser Un Bluff

Should become a voice actor
Comment from : A C

Jonas Rattle
Judicious how come this new skeletica (only level 140) destroys whole bases at once and my dove keeper (120) can’t do anything against him. She just dies. Similar outcomes when I raid the base. Y tho
Comment from : Jonas Rattle

Thyto 30
Comment from : Thyto 30

CKI Kilo
Why is demogordon not on there?
Comment from : CKI Kilo

Fort Knight
I have the best character dove keeper
Comment from : Fort Knight

Reyner Suarez
Ripper is better than Cosmo and most heroes you included he silence removed buff deal insane damage
Comment from : Reyner Suarez

your high if you didnt put skeletica
Comment from : Vir

Great video man 👌
Comment from : omarc4ut

Please what heroes do you use for your base defense, pls reply😭😭
Comment from : i_am_nachi

Kriszti Toth
I got thunder god
Comment from : Kriszti Toth

Kriszti Toth
I hot thunder god
Comment from : Kriszti Toth

tom-tom 2004
Who remembers when grim reaper and thunder king was op
Comment from : tom-tom 2004

Sacha Kiran
Yeah lavanika sorry but lavanica is same WITH =sirenia
Comment from : Sacha Kiran

Eric Rivers
great video, absolutely loved it was a big help
Comment from : Eric Rivers

Lucky Guy
On which heroes malayse ???
I put it on so many heroes because most of the time the malayse heroes die

Comment from : Lucky Guy

Phillip Long
Awesome video man keep up the good work! I used to grind this game back in the day but got back into it the past 2 months and have all those heroes except dove keeper 😭 soon tho but your video was very helpful and informative! Thank you sir and happy clashing!
Comment from : Phillip Long

Basti Appl
Hey, nice video like every time, u have a Suggestion. Could you do a video talking about the best heroes in every game mode, like; the best heroes for raids, the best for arena...etc
Comment from : Basti Appl

Kiso Company
Why Cirrina or Ghoulem loses to Trentaur? Can anyone explain it for me?
Comment from : Kiso Company

Lsx Wow
I remembered when grim fiend was the best legend you can get
Comment from : Lsx Wow

gevork gyulasaryan
Quit this game 3 years ago but want to start back up. Only one I have is pumpkin duke on this list. Think I’m okay?
Comment from : gevork gyulasaryan

Dick Longflop
I love duke but this dumbass dies so much I can’t even tell you the hate I have for his incompetence but he’s just so cool and useful I can’t hate him for long
Comment from : Dick Longflop

Dick Longflop
I started playing a while before vlad came out and the hype over vlad for me and my friend was insane we were shitting ourselves over this cool ass vampire and my friend rolled him twice but I still didn’t have him and I finally got him after like a year and I was so so so happy he was so op almost unkillable with wargod and I remember the war over which talent was better for him hehe life drain or war god for me obviously war god and this was all on my Android I had finally reached endgame lvl 180 heroes but I stopped playing due to school and just forgot about it.i started playing again a year later but now I have an iPhone and I’ve been playing since but since I have a different account I don’t have my old heroes any longer my new account though I have almost every hero but since god has a vendetta against me the only hero’s I’m missing are moltanica Minotaur and the 2 newest hero’s svalinn and zephyrica and finally FUCKING VLAD I’ve opened hundreds of hero cards and by all accounts of probability I’m supposed to have multiple copies of vlad but no I don’t even have one you don’t understand how unlikely this is either god himself is against the idea of me owning vlad or vlad got taken out of the game and I’m the only one that doesn’t know
Comment from : Dick Longflop

Mhammed Tamzali
Hi Judicious Fire. Thank you for these valuable videos. The dove skill removes buffs. Does it remove also the damage reduction of tree? Does it also remove the ATK reduction of Anubis?
Another question. If we have a tenacity talent and vital boom insigna, HP will stack or only the max will be retained?

Comment from : Mhammed Tamzali

I have Cirrina, SK, boogeyman, storm eater, commodora, pd, ronin,michael and idk what to use
Comment from : Shrek

thefluffy carrot
Lazulix is number one
Comment from : thefluffy carrot

Marijn Besten
I just cant believe i got gunslingers skin and Hero in the second week of playing
Comment from : Marijn Besten

Do you know the place to buy ios accounts?
Comment from : YourMomDotCom19

juboraj hossain
Can you do a video with Michaels new skin, I haven't seen the animation and very interested in it
Comment from : juboraj hossain

juboraj hossain
Sk was a beast, he was a monster he was the dead. Needed him on every gameplay. Still my favorite hero
Comment from : juboraj hossain

Backyard Chevy
Has hundreds of lvl 8 insignias...has 1 lvl 8 life drain
Comment from : Backyard Chevy

Raj Shah
Could you make a vid explaining everything about wardens cause I haven’t really done much with them and the game doesn’t explain it that well either. Thanks for making this video and it was super informative as always!
Comment from : Raj Shah

Chinnay O
Why do you consider Cosmo a top 10 hero but not in the evil 18?
Comment from : Chinnay O

9. Paladin
8. Paladin
7. Paladin
6. Paladin
4. Paladin
3. Paladin
2. Paladin
1. Paladin

Comment from : Alex六.

Strongly disagree with some of your list (especially number 3) but I respect your choices. Great video, like your commentary 👍
Comment from : Vecess

Play Boy
Hey can you tell me some of the best heroes to work in insane dungeons, I don't have anubis or espirita so i am having a little bit of trouble
Comment from : Play Boy

alka zone
Fg is better than SL on walla. Also FG is better than SS most of the time.
Comment from : alka zone

Lou Bear
Omg, I am guessing he is the best player in IOS. How does he have so many BT30 heroes that's actually insane. This guy lives in a card board box but hey he got his heroes BT30 😂. Jeeeeez
Comment from : Lou Bear

leo lim
skull knight is the best too
Comment from : leo lim

Arian Khalili
Bro no ripper?
Comment from : Arian Khalili

Ayy ayy
Hey Judicious, what do you think about Minotaur now? Overall in terms of necessary or how far from being in top tier etc..
Comment from : Ayy ayy

Clorox Bleach
What about Ripper?
Comment from : Clorox Bleach

Oculus Meus72solomon
Only OGs remember when you got a free palidan at the end of the month Lol
Comment from : Oculus Meus72solomon

Mannn I really love your videos, you always bring in details every little and big things about the heroes and you never miss a single thing, and you explain why is that good in him/her and what is bad for him/her, keep up what you are doing, you are the best youtuber for CC.
Comment from : Fiko

Can i combine sunder and unholy pact?
Comment from : MR. ZED

Wow i got 5 of 10 best heroes
Comment from : Anthoo

1,6 Million might? What dudee
Comment from : Bike4Life

Stealth for dove imo next to VF
Comment from : Olici

Miss. b
Thanks a lot very informative video, just want to make sure about this heroes in this list better than ripper and salvin ????
Comment from : Miss. b

is demogorgan not good or skull dragon
Comment from : Jose

lee yung kang
Very nice video and help a lot~is important to team up heros according to the warden to get their faction?
Comment from : lee yung kang

Top 10 46 minutes long wtf
Comment from : Randombluthund

YK_ Devin
Wonder why he didn’t put skeletica because it can wipe a base of lvl 160s at lvl 160
Comment from : YK_ Devin

Jedrick Salomon
but many top player do not use
treantor, and pumkin duke

Comment from : Jedrick Salomon

Company 56
can you show all the ways to strengthen your heroes? I started Castle Clash again after 1 year pause and have some pretty good devo 10/10 f2p heros but they sometimes get smashed by like non evo teams..? WHat am i missing, they seem so much stronger than mine
Comment from : Company 56

Dark Abyss
Hey, dude, I don’t know if you’re seeing this, if so, do you think Asura with Holy Conviction would be good on him? If it doesn’t then could you tell me a good enchantment on him.
Comment from : Dark Abyss

Nick Gurr
Is lavanica with unholy pact and stealth good? Or should i use sl as a main talent.
Comment from : Nick Gurr

Alejandro Maciel
Judicious what hero would the talent oracle’s favor be most useful on? And thanks
Comment from : Alejandro Maciel

The best hero is John Wick
Comment from : Nakoob

xSnipeZx 3
Hi. Please make a Video about traits!! I love your Videos 👌✌
Comment from : xSnipeZx 3

wietse hiemstra
Did he forget about cirrina when he said tree was the only reviver
Comment from : wietse hiemstra

Cool Dude
My Dove keeper with 9/9 Life Drain and 8/8 UP with 5/5 Victory Lunge Solo Wipes every single raid.
UPDATE: New Setup is 8/8 Survival insignia with 9/9 UP.

Comment from : Cool Dude

Cool Dude
F2P 2 month.
Have everything except Rosa, Gunslinger and Walla in the list.
Will get gun in event.
And Lava 4 farming for Walla.

Comment from : Cool Dude

pumpkin duke
Where is ripper
Comment from : pumpkin duke

Jesus 1.6million might 🙄
Comment from : NWO MVP

Jj Jj
Treantaur use only revive 9 talent with revite 5 crest. You want him to proc the moment you set him down. Any other will not keep him alive to proc
Comment from : Jj Jj

Can u make a video of essential heroes or must need heroes in this game, or have you alrdy done that?
Comment from : BloodyJayy

Forgiven Gods
Stealth9 Survival8 dove is nasty
Comment from : Forgiven Gods

Hasan Tariq
Im running an unholy pact 9/9 lavanica, and i find that he literally doesnt die, as long as my other heroes are also alive. The second 2 or 3 of my other heroes die, lavanica soon dies. I don't wanna change the unholy pact because i definitely like the damage output, but i wanna know in what situations would sacred light be better, like if im running a 9/9 sacred light, would lavanica just solo things easily?? I want his skin so bad so i can use both talents! Also what healer/support heroes should i run him with to make sure he doesnt die in the 2 second cooldown time? Currently using ghoulem for healing because i dont have walla, (totally satisfied with ghoulem tbh).
Comment from : Hasan Tariq

natanael bangguna
Just got 5/9 regenerate, should i replace my 5/9 revite PD?
Comment from : natanael bangguna

Spark _op
Can someone explain what blinding and silence does?
Comment from : Spark _op

Anees Arif
What about ripper, I'm surprised he's not in this list because of all the damage he does and the silence he provides.
Comment from : Anees Arif

ShadowLight Gaming
I saw Grimfiend in the thumbnail. Unfortunately he wasn't in this top 10 :/
Comment from : ShadowLight Gaming

i know u read my name
thank me later
10. treantaur 4:15
9. pumpkink duke 8:46
8. Rosaleen 14:17
7. Cosmo 18:28
6. Lazulix 22:38
5. Anubis 24:46
4. Wallawalla 28:32
3. Gunslinger 32:04
2. Lavanica 36:22
i wont show number 1 tho.

Comment from : i know u read my name

Xavier M.
Great video JF. Wow you've cleared the air so beautifully. I was sure Dove will be in top 3 but didn't expect it to be 1st. Your justification makes her truly stand out as top CC Hero.
Comment from : Xavier M.

Ripper did not make the list? Interesting
Comment from : Loco

100+ level 8 insignia while i got zero level 8 insignia
how fair is this game?


Hey judicious please check line i sent a guild application!
Comment from : Proclaim

i remember when thunder god was the hero to have

Arshil Siddiqui
I just rolled vigorous fury should i replace it with unholy pact on dove?
Comment from : Arshil Siddiqui

Wanderson Miranda
Could you please do a video talking about Destroyer and how he is so weak and at the same time the most expensive hero of them all? IGG needs to do something about that hero in my opinion.
Comment from : Wanderson Miranda

AZiz Tamzali
how did ur might fall from last time?
Comment from : AZiz Tamzali

Wanderson Miranda
Thank you for making this video.
Comment from : Wanderson Miranda

U forgot to tall talk about the insignia u run with sacred light lazulix
Comment from : Crazyme

Alex King
Always informative, keep doing what you doing, best castle clash player ever!
Comment from : Alex King

Hypnosislove - Castle Clash
Dove Keeper my Favourite Heroo! Yess, for sure Number 1, The Queen! I agree with the list amazing explanation. I running the Stealth 9/9 and Survival 8/8 Dove Keeper Its amazing for the raids for sure, I have made mistake with complaining about Stealth. Good video as always!
Comment from : Hypnosislove - Castle Clash

Sayal Sattar
Nice man great you made this video
Comment from : Sayal Sattar

Ayy ayy
By any chance can you tell me the next 5 heroes that you think are best in the comments just curious to know. Thanks
Comment from : Ayy ayy

Lowell Justice
Great vid man
Comment from : Lowell Justice

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