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Information Happy 10-year anniversary-of the valve-casing Orange

Title :  Happy 10-year anniversary-of the valve-casing Orange
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User :  Bagami
Date of publication :   2019-09-14
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Frames Happy 10-year anniversary-of the valve-casing Orange

Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs

Description Happy 10-year anniversary-of the valve-casing Orange

The valve on the Safe-Deposit box-Orange package recently fulfilled a 10-year-old scored ten years since the publication of some of the best first-person titles, the PC has never offered, but also of a decade, that the valve has so far been almost exclusively as a game in the development of the company.

Even if today, the game boots to a currency of ten cents a dozen, the year 2007, what was certainly not the case, especially a great promoter as a valve. The field Orange is met with a half-Life 2, half-Life 2: Episode One, half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 in a press release, more often in the box to the time that digital downloads were not nearly as popular as it is now.

Awards of the criticism, specifically for the Portal, which was a surprise. While other properties that were already published and in some aspects, and the half life and Team Fortress franchise, the Portal was established was something new and was very successful.

This was a valve of relief. As said in an interview with PCGamer, want to send, several new games at the time, while the Association with the oldest was a very new, for the company and the game as a whole. But it is estimated that, without, collection, games, Portal would have had more time to get to the door to go.

"I had not forgotten much of the history of first-person games, puzzle games, to those, which, combined with new gameplay mechanics with a sense of humor," he said. "The Orange Box really is the Portal, the biggest challenge was explaining to the players is solved. It's not stuck in the box Orange, we still had that hard work to explain why people should buy it, the thing was different than what they were before playing."

Another unique feature of the Orange Box is a valve, comments from the developers was. As a result, the players could have done to listen to the people, which you can get your favorite new title, what did you think, while some segments of the games and of the design.

"In the course of our long-term development of the game, we found consistently that the problems we thought it would be easy to solve, proved to be a unpleasant, delicate problems, in the context of the complexity of the compromise between design and technology. Often the complexity is completely covered by the solution. So we thought it might be interesting for players, if we lift the stone, and show unto you all things what is going on and behind all of this apparent simplicity. We are the developers of the game, so I hope that the players who think for ourselves that the development of the game is a fun talk."

Was. The players, what they loved, and I still to this day.

Comments Happy 10-year anniversary-of the valve-casing Orange

8-15 normal with lvl60 golden and P2P heroes? I'm lvl58 so this doesn't really helps me
Comment from : Killschool

Zakir Hussain
Waiting for sourapples
Thanks again
Keep up the good work

Comment from : Zakir Hussain

FN TrixtaYT
Damn it lama make videos longer hahaha
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Devian Evans
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Brando F2P
Watcher is a pain to get.
Mine is most likely going to stay green and never get to blue.

Comment from : Brando F2P

William Figueroa Jr.
Love your videos. Wish they were longer lol.
Comment from : William Figueroa Jr.

12j Gamer
Hi king it's me josef from QCW I'm 1 mill might so I need some tips and tricks on making might thx
Comment from : 12j Gamer

Mestrechifo Santos
to promote the paid heroes we have to buy their pack again?
Comment from : Mestrechifo Santos

Masked 3itch
help help help
Comment from : Masked 3itch

john Broadhead
Terrible waste of gems. Should always wait for helps
Comment from : john Broadhead

Nhị Tiểu
Comment from : Nhị Tiểu

Comment from : TruDru

ZeShonne Parker
Llama we are in same kingdom 😇
Comment from : ZeShonne Parker

ZeShonne Parker
Comment from : ZeShonne Parker

Ben McSween
Comment from : Ben McSween

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Warframe [DOI, EN] Many GEOs